Pro Blankets 35lbs/doz-4 Pack

  • Set of 4 Pro Economy Moving Blankets, Standard Size: 72" x 80"
  • Each moving pad weights: 2.92lbs per pad, made of non-woven fabric that colored blue with black trim. Color may vary upon availability at the time of manufacture
  • Lightweight economy moving blankets to keep on hand for your garage, automobile, and home renovation projects
  • Streamline your moving process with moving pads that eliminate your valuables from being scratched or chipped 
  • Economy moving blankets that dampen the tremors and vibration caused by jarring transport protecting your items 
  • Robust moving pads that reduce the risk of damage when moving so your belongings arrive at their destination intact 

Moving Pad – A0075MU04

Having some troubles on how you are going to pack your breakable items efficiently? Luckily, uBoxes Moving Pad gives you the best packing solution if you prefer moving pads to do the job.

Both homeowners and business establishments have already benefitted by uBoxes Moving Pad. Apart from you can be confident that this moving blanket is made of high-standard materials, you can also enjoy its amazing features. It is intended to make home and business owners experience great convenience whenever they have to transport breakable products.

Uboxes Moving Pad is not just all about reliable protection. It has something more to offer!

  • Efficient Packaging Process

Whether for residential moving or business purposes, uBoxes Moving Pads can efficiently help you make your packaging tasks easier and faster than before.

Effective use of time is necessary to ensure that you will be able to perform other essential tasks, but if the packaging process seems to be complicated, you are wasting a considerable amount of time. Good thing, uBoxes Moving Pad comes with a set of 4, so you can finish your tasks quickly and efficiently.

  • Business Edge

If your business is involved in the shipping of products, it is necessary for you to utilize a shipping solution that provides real protection to the products. As you successfully protect your items from chipping, scratches and other elements, you are sure that that the products received by your clients are in the best condition and retains its quality.

  • Lightweight Materials

Always consider lightweight packaging solutions so that you are rest assured that it will not increase the overall item weight. This way, the entire process of shipping will be effortless, from one destination to another.

Further, since uBoxes Moving Pad is made of best quality and careful manufacturing process of recyclable materials, you can be sure that you are acquiring an eco-friendly packaging solution. In most cases, you can use it several times because of its robust characteristics while you are saving money. uBoxes Moving Pad is a cost-efficient packaging solution for everyone.

  • Free From Moisture and Vibration

One of the most important factors that you need to consider when purchasing a moving pad is its ability to resist vibration and moisture. This can actually help you add some protection to your items while they are on their way to the intended destination. As weather elements can dampen the items while the transportation causes vibration. The moving pad keeps your items from the risk of breaking or chipping.

  • Ease of Use

With a little effort, you can pack your items and immediately get them ready for shipping. This moving pad provides you real convenience, and in just a few minutes everything is perfectly organized. It actually adjusts to the size of your items resulting in more intact support and away from any source of damage while on the transporting process.

Now with uBoxes Moving Pad, the packaging process need not be complicated, it should be effortless. Make sure that the next time you will transport your things. You already have your own Moving Pad.

Everything is easy with the help of a Moving Pad. Buy a pack to keep on hand!

More Information
UPC 810042159013
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Blue
Material Cotton, Polyester
Product Type Moving Blanket
Features / Highlights Economical Moving Blankets, Quilted, Size 72"x80", 2.9 lbs per Blanket
Country of Manufacture China
Weight 12.200000
Product Length 72.000000
Product Width 80.000000
Product Height 0.100000
Additional Information: Durable enough to endure various outdoor activities including a beach blanket
Additional Information: Useful in warehouses, offices, and company vehicles to move office equipment
Additional Information: Households will find these blankets useful for many projects around the home
Additional Information: Gift a pack for any new homeowner or business owner
Additional Information: One of the most resourceful tools for ease of protection and securing items
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