Holiday Gift Box Kit, Holiday Chalkboard, 3 Boxes, Mailing Supplies

  • Holiday Gift Box Kit for Gift Giving
  • 3 Hoiday Chalkboard Christmas Themed Gift Boxes
  • Tape & Clamshell 
  • Paper & Green 30' Bubble
  • Black Marker
  • Ships From Florida

Don't hash out extra money at a store to have only one gift prepared. A holiday gift box kit will let you pack presents at home without any extra hassle or expensive wrapping. The boxes already have a printed design that is holiday themed to skip the step of wrapping paper for a smooth and seamless design that at home wrapping normally lacks. The box kit also brings cushioning in colored bubble and packing paper, for if you're planning on placing something delicate and fragile inside, there's no need no worry about getting something to cushion it. Tape and a clamshell is included to seal your package as well as a marker for any custom writing or design you are looking to add for your loved one.

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UPC 794811301981
Package size 18 x 16 x 14
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