Picture Boxes 3 Sets of 40" x 60"

  • Picture / Mirror Boxes please see photos for assembling the cartons
  • Set of 3 Picture Boxes
  • 4 pieces needed per item
  • 4 piece set extends up to 40 X 60 4 inch Depth
  • These boxes are for moving and storage purposes only
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Mirror and Picture Moving Boxes 3 Pack

It’s time to move from apartment to townhome. You need a bit more space and desire some grass and patio for backyard bbq. Lucky for you, the new pad is in the same complex, just around the corner from your apartment. You’re a bachelor and packing to move will be fairly painless as most items can be tossed in the back of the pickup truck and hauled to the new place. Still, for moving smaller items, you need boxes, and for sure, you plan to protect art pieces you’ve proudly hung that were passed down from your dad…signed album posters by Ringo Starr, Simon and Garfunkel, and James Taylor.

This 3-piece collection deserves careful, fragile attention, which is why you insist on buying picture boxes and bubble wrap to transport them from point A to point B. Though your buddies poke fun, you surf the web for Sets of Picture Boxes and come across a great find at Uboxes.com. Free shipping seals the deal and your picture boxes, small moving boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape are on their way. It’s an exciting day when your moving supplies arrive at the doorstep…you happily wrap and pack the framed pieces, assuring no movement from within. Skipping through the apartment, you empty junk drawers into your new boxes, load up the truck (securing the triple-taped picture boxes in the front with a seatbelt, of course), and steer over to the townhome. After some quick unpacking and putting things into place, you unwrap your prized art. Ecstatic to see no damage done, you carefully hang each piece on the wall behind the couch and step back to admire your work. Just then, the doorbell rings; buddies with beef and beer, ready for the first bbq at the new bachelor pad!

More Information
UPC 741360976689
This picture kit contains 3 sets of larger picture boxes measuring 40" x 60"
Consider wrapping pictures in bubble wrap before securing cardboard flaps
Fold the cardboard flaps over the picture or mirror and secure in place with tape
All fragile items should be marked clearly on the boxes and kept together for packing the moving van
Due to their delicate construction hang pictures as soon as possible in your new residence
Package size 36 x 27 x 7
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