TV Moving Box Up to 70"

Flat Screen TV Box: Up to 70"

How to Pack your TV Boxes Heavy-duty up to 72"x6"x42" double wall box perfect for packing any flatscreen TV between 56" and 70". Includes 2 Double Wall corrugated sleeves to protect your Television. Don't forget to wrap your TV in large bubble or moving blankets before packing sold seperately.

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 Flat Screen TV Box for Moving

It’s office moving time! You and your best friend have started a very lucrative business creating training videos for the workplace. You’ve managed to keep expenses down by working out of your garage, but as your popularity has spread like wildfire, it’s time to upgrade to a more professional setting. After an exhaustive search, the two of you have found an amazing modern studio in the art district – ample space for filming, editing and producing your top-notch videos. Your crafty interior designer friend has come to your rescue to decorate and set up a killer space for presentations…only thing missing is the 60” flatscreen you scored at the neighborhood garage sales last weekend. Still lying on the concrete garage floor, you need a plan for moving it, and the other electronics to the office. Your Google search brings you straight to the source for all things moving…! First and foremost, you secure the flat screen moving box, along with some fun-to-pop-when-you’re-bored bubble wrap.

Of course, no move is complete without the flat screen TV moving boxes and packing tape, so you quickly add those to your shopping cart as well. Totally psyched about the free shipping at, and same day shipping, you submit your order, kick back and wait for UPS to ring your doorbell. When the moving boxes arrive, you are even more impressed with the quality, corrugated flat screen tv moving box that you can fit-to-size, snug as a bug in a rug! Packing with is easy with our TV boxes for moving. Running your own business is hard. Knock ‘em dead!


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