Moving Straps

Moving Straps New and Improved OSHA accepted to reduce back injuries due to heavy lifting. Rated for items weighing up to 700lbs. Straps easily fit in your back pockets or tool belt. Strong, lightweight straps encourage proper lifting techniques. Two people can easily carry heavy or bulky loads. Straps are adjustable and made to carry sm, med, lg and xl items.


Moving Supplies: Furniture Lifting Straps

You and your roommate just purchased a brand-spankin' new sofa with a hide-a-way bed and loveseat set. Unfortunately, the discounted delivery charge didn't include moving out the old furniture. Your go-to muscle men neighbors are out of town for Spring break and the couches will be delivered next week. As you are scrolling through your contacts on your swifty iPhone 5, you stop on your cousin's name remembering when you helped her move. She had purchased some incredible furniture lifting straps from (along with some other great moving supplies!) that made moving furniture a breeze! You dial her up and hop in the car to retrieve the straps for moving heavy furniture, especially the old, hand-me-down, mismatched set that currently sit sadly in your living room. When you return, you and your roommate slap the moving straps over your forearms, sling them under the first couch and lift. Ain't no thang but a chicken wang! You easily maneuver down the hall with the furniture lifting straps, through the tight entryway, out the door and across the yard to the curb, setting it down with ease. Out comes the second couch, moving easy, just like the first. In your best penmanship, you create a lovely sign with a big, fat sharpie, displaying the word "FREE" and set it prominently on the cushions for all to see. No sooner than you get back to your empty living room, a clunky ol' pickup truck with a rusty trailer following behind, rolls to the curb. You and the roomie watch out the front window, chuckling a bit as you notice two scrawny guys struggle, lifting couches one and two from the ground to the trailer bed. As they pull away, you slap a high five up in the air and go about your way. The next day when the furniture truck backs into the drive, you notice two beefy, bulky and very cute guys hop out, holding the same furniture lifting straps. You bask in your glory, watching them carry heavy couches inside. Pretty smart, you are - maybe next job you apply for will be a moving company... after all, girls can lift heavy objects, too!

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