Blue Bubble Small 3/16" Wrap 30' x 12" Wide

  • 30' Small Blue Bubble Roll x 12" Wide
  • Small bubble cushion protection is 3/16" thick x 3/8" wide
  • Easy to tear with perforated lines every 12"
  • Attractive ocean blue color and lightweight material for shipping
  • Made of recyclable polyethylene material

Blue Bubble Cushion Wrap - BUBBSMA30BLU

Do you want to ensure that your shipping items are free from damage and deliver to its destination with original quality? Then, it is now time for you to switch to Uboxes Blue Bubble Small 3/16” Wrap x 12” Wide.

Uboxes Blue Bubble Cushion Wrap is perfectly crafted to provide high-efficient wrapping features even with the most fragile items. You are quite sure that all your items will be free from any risk of dents or scratches. It is ideally designed to cover items that are intended for long hours of shipping.

Whenever you are on travel, and you wanted to ensure that your fragile items are very much safe, always bring Blue Bubble Cushion Wrap by your side. So, what amazing advantages you can expect from Blue Bubble Cushion Wrap?


Blue Bubble Cushion Wrap is characterized with 3/16” thick and 3/8” wide making it ideal to provide a complete small bubble protection. Uboxes specifically created this product to be robust by means of sealing together the two sheets of plastic so that plenty of air can be trapped in the middle part to form bubble patterns. As a result of the evenly distributed air, it provides a remarkable protection against vibrations and shocks. Thus, it is also perfect to prevent your items from breaking when accidental fall downs happen as well as it can protect your shipping items from dust, dirt, and chips.


Blue Bubble Cushion Wrap is known to have an easy-to-tear feature with perforated lines in every 12”. So, you get no trouble using it. All you have to do is to wrap a particular item and then securely seal the protective coverings with the help of a packing tape. Good thing, it can tightly any type of small objects. Thus, it can adjust to the shape of the object.


When you are concern about the environment, Blue Bubble Cushion Wrap will not disappoint you since it is made of recyclable polyethylene material. This means that it easier for you to degrade the bubble roll without causing harm to nature. Apart from that, it comes with a less expensive cost, and you can use it several times. Over time, you can notice that you are saving a good amount of money from wrapping your items.


Blue Bubble Cushion Wrap is manufactured with attractive color. Its ocean blue color provides a relaxing appeal where you will feel comfortable staring on it. It also comes with lightweight materials. Meaning, it will not increase the overall weight of the items to be shipped. Also, when you wanted to bring it on your travel activities, you have no trouble carrying it.

When you are planning for your next travel with breakable items, use Blue Bubble Cushion Wrap and you will definitely have a confidence that you can have them safe until you reached your destination. Uboxes see to it that you are provided with high-quality products that can perfectly suit your budget as well as your other unique requirements.

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More Information
UPC 810106516714
Weight 0.400000
Style Bubble Roll
Size 30' x 12"
Product Type Bubble Cushioning
Material Polyethylene
Color Blue
Additional Information: Blue cushion wrap is an ideal lightweight packing material for moving, shipping, or mailing
Additional Information: Keep your valuables protected during shipment with padded bubbles for cushioning shock and vibration
Additional Information: Easy to wrap around fragile objects or furniture with flexible polyethylene material
Additional Information: With lightweight features this packing material does not add to shipping costs
Additional Information: Superior product with strong puncture resistant poly bubble to protect fragile items
Features / Highlights Colored Bubble Roll, Lightweight, Transparent, Perforated, Moisture and water-resistant, Durable and Elastic, Good insulation properties, Protective and Reusable, Easy to use
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 30.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 0.187500
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