Economy Blankets 43lbs/doz (6 Pack)

  • Economy Blankets with limited use do not wash
  • Qty: Set of 6 furniture moving pads good for Residential or Commercial moves
  • Size: 72 x¬†80-inch¬†polyester moving blanket with cotton batting and zig-zag stitching
  • Color: Black/Blue - color may vary upon availability at the time of manufacture
  • Blanket Weight: 3.58 LBS all edges secured with 2" binding
  • Dozen Weight: 43 LBS

6 Economy Moving Blankets, 72 Inches by 80 Inches

Moving blankets are vital for any move no matter how long or short it may be if it involves furniture. No one wants to arrive at their new home and discover that their beloved furniture is nicked or gouged from the moving van. Instead, purchase these six economy moving blankets to find out how cheap it can be to preserve precious memories.

When purchasing moving supplies, many people forget to purchase wholesale moving blankets. They remember the moving boxes, the tape, and the bubble roll; but they forget that their wooden or metal furniture needs to be well protected as well. Others choose to forgo the expense believing that their extra sheets and blankets will work just as well.

However, there are several reasons why standard sheets and blankets should not be used. First of all, these items are typically quite thin. A sheet can only really protect from dust and road grime, while most blankets can only protect from the mildest of scratches or bumps. Secondly, nobody wants to ruin their good sheets or blankets during a move. Since these items are usually thin and not made for moving purposes, they will easily tear or snag. Thirdly, they will also certainly get dirty. While general dirt can be washed out, grease from a truck is often permanent.

A professional moving blanket is designed to absorb shocks and to be sturdy. These six economy moving blankets measure seventy-two inches wide by eighty inches long; they will easily cover almost any piece of furniture. They are filled with strong fiber batting to provide a soft cushion. The polyester material surrounding the batting is quilted for added strength. Each blanket is finished with a sturdy double stitched binding.

These quality yet cheap moving blankets are sure to be exactly what the homeowner needs as he prepares to move. They are perfect for covering wooden, metal or upholstered furniture and are sized to cover even the largest pieces. Everyone should include these in their next list of moving supplies.

More Information
UPC 810042154759
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Blue
Material Polyester
Product Type Moving Blanket
Features / Highlights Polyester Material, Quilted Fabric, Lightweight 43lbs per dozen, Protective padding, Moving, Storage, or Renovation Purposes
Country of Manufacture China
Weight 23.000000
Product Length 72.000000
Product Width 80.000000
Product Height 0.100000
Additional Information: Great for one time movers to use and recycle for home or auto projects
Additional Information: Movers find that these are perfect for moving large pieces of furniture
Additional Information: Can also be used as covers for your floors or furniture when doing construction or crafts
Additional Information: Prevents your items from tearing or becoming damaged on a rough surface
Additional Information: Shields the items from rain, dust, dirt or any other unknown substances
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