Pro Mover Blankets

Moving Blankets and Furniture Paper Pads

The versatility of moving blankets and furniture paper pads in covering larger bulky and odd shape items has created an exceptional demand for cheap moving blankets of all types by insurance companies, professional movers and the general public.

Buy Cheap Wholesale Textile Blankets and Moving Blankets with Free Shipping to protect furniture and fragile items during your move.  Helps prevent knicks and scratches on appliances, tables, and office furniture.  Useful for storage containers, truck rentals or vans while transporting your goods or placing in storage.

Used Moving Blankets

This new found demand has created a secondary market for cheap moving blankets and furniture pads for rent as well as used moving blankets.  With the wholesale prices that we offer there is no need to settle for lesser quality used movers blankets or paying for a rental moving blanket.  Our customers feedback shows that the cost of buying moving pads is well justified by the arrival of their furniture and appliances undamaged.  Another plus is most textile blankets and especially the quilted pads are sturdy enough to handle many moves.  Furniture moving pads are reusable and could be utilized in many ways around the house that the cost of buying new becomes economical.

The blankets for moving are categorized by the weight, the heavier the weight the stronger and more durable.  No matter what the trick to make them more protective is to shake them vigorously a few times to allow the pile in the textile moving blankets or the quilted pads to open up and create more volume in these blankets which in turn will offer more protection..