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How to Pick the Best Moving Blanket for Your Next Move?

Moving blankets are often ignored as a crucial part of the process of moving. They are considered very vital, as they serve a plethora of uses, both during and after the move. Now, if you are planning to move next week or maybe next week, you might wish to take into consideration how to pick the ideal moving blankets to suit your moving needs.

Certain, the cost is an essential factor you need to avail the blankets. However, what are the other factors crucial to help you identify which to purchase?

  • The length of the service

Ask yourself: “How long do I plan to use the moving blanket?” If you have moved rarely in the past or you feel very assured your next move might be the only move you will encounter in the imaginable future, then a less costly non-woven polyester moving blanket might be perfect for your single-off purposes.

If you are an expert mover or you anticipate to re-use the moving pads for another move in the future, then you might consider polyester or cotton blended fabrics. You see, this type is much costlier compared to the first one. However, the weaving procedure makes them much resistant and durable to tears and snags. Plus, the edging or binding is woven as well that denotes your moving blanket is assembled with more care for durability or longer-term use.

  • Weight also matters

Apart from the length of service, weight could be another essential factor you need to consider when buying a moving blanket. Simply put, the heavier the weight of your blanket, the better the protection it offers. What’s more, the heavier weight denotes there is more padding, and there is a tighter weave pattern to safeguard the covered furniture item from dents and scuffs.

  • Fabric

Did you know that the best fabric for a moving blank is a polyester and cotton blend? That’s because it provides long-term durability and unparalleled protection. You see, the cotton fibers are considered soft. Thus, they serve as a cushion.

Meanwhile, polyester facilitates durability that enables the fibers to stay intact.  The majority of individuals cannot avail an entire collection of high end moving blankets. So, it is valuable to buy at least some for your most precious belongings.

Choosing a durable moving blanket is very crucial. You must try to pick blankets which are resistant to tears. That sort of feature is particularly crucial throughout the moving process where edges could get caught on door jambs and metals. Normally, that sort of blanket is made from woven polyester fabric.

So, if you are one of those people who are tight in budget, you want to find the most affordable moving blanket accessible. Here at uBoxes, you can rest assured that you’ll find the most premium quality of moving blankets at cheap prices.  We are confident that we’ve got the right moving blankets for your budget and level of protection.