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Super Supreme Blankets 95lbs/doz (6 Pack)

  • Superior bulk moving blankets 95lbs/doz (6 Pack) used by professional moving companies
  • Weigh 8 lbs and each blanket measures 72" x 80". Color may vary upon availability at the time of manufacture
  • Made to last with zig-zag stitching and a blend of cotton/polyester filled with recycled cotton
  • If you are a DIY mover and want tools to move like a Pro these blankets are sturdy
  • Heavy-duty quilted blankets used for sound-proofing rooms, basements, or other areas of concern
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Choosing the Ideal Moving Blanket for You

Moving seasons is now in full swing. Whether you are a DIY mover or a pro-mover, you will need some moving blankets for sale to safeguard your furniture and other valuable items.

When considering which moving blankets bulk are ideal for you, think about how often you prefer to use them. Don’t also forget to consider the kind of protection you want to get the task done right.

UBOXES provides a wide array of moving blankets for sale meant for several uses. They are sorted into three categories: good, better, and best for simple selection.

The Most Durable and Highest Quality Moving Blankets for Sale

The most durable and highest quality moving blankets are recognized as the best. Such pads are made from the strongest and softest bindings and fabrics. They are heavy-duty, present premium protection and can be utilized over and over again. Each of our moving blankets featured in the best class is occasionally machine washable as well.

Are you one of those in the moving business? If so, these blankets are for you.

Movers Blankets for the Middle of the Road

Uboxes better blankets are the middle of the road movers pad. That’s the group of the blanket which can be reused. However, isn’t as durable. Such blankets are an alternative for moving firms and any DIY movers who want or needs to reuse the mover pads.

Moving Blankets for Cost-Conscious Movers

Our good blankets are ideal for cost-conscious movers. These styles are made to be utilized one or two times or maybe as storage blankets. These blankets are generally lighter and are made for limited usability. They are a smart purchase and cost-efficient for a one-time move.

UBOXES delivers skins, the lightest moving blanket. Skins are an extremely cost-efficient option for individuals taking on the job of moving themselves. Professional movers frequently utilize them for storage jobs and supplemental packaging materials.

Use Moving Blankets Bulk for a Simpler Move Today!

We understand that there’s nothing more aggravating than spending thousands of dollars on relocating only to cause massive damage to your health or your belongings in the process. Using our Super Supreme Blankets available in 95lbs., moving and relocating your appliances, furniture, and bigger sized equipment will be much easier and efficient.

If you are going to experience a short flight of stairs while sliding one furniture from location to another, you can utilize our moving blanket bulk to make a soft surface to glide your furniture down. There are lots of ways our Super Supreme Blankets can help you with your move!

Every time you need packing, the container, truck, or rental truck, you need to ensure to attach down heavier items. Utilize our moving blankets for sale to safeguard your properties from any damages caused by bumping and shifting into each other during its transport.

Given the number of stuff which needs to be moved from one place to another, it can be well worth of your effort and time to facilitate small process improvements. Doing this will yield amazing benefits, and it can help assure a smooth and hassle-free move. Buy our moving blankets today!

More Information
SKU A0095SU06
UPC 028672859900
Weight 47.5000
Brand uBoxes
High quality moving blankets for professional movers to use for multi-moves
Secure moving blankets with rope to keep in place on furniture or appliances
Wrap bulky fragile items like large mirrors and pack safely in the moving van
Blankets can protect walls and floors when moving heavy objects
Use as soundproof blankets for music rooms or parties
Color Black
Size Standard Moving Blanket
Country of Manufacture China
Package size 20 x 20 x 15