Padlock 1-1/2" (2 Pack) Long Shank

  • A pack of 2 steel padlocks 1 1/2” length shank
  • 3/4” from back to front with a 4" width height
  • Barb thickness: 1/4” and is perfect for protecting and locking closets, boxes, crates, storage units, school lockers, and more
  • Useful for professional moving services, contractors, realtors, and people in construction
  • Long shank padlock that provides protection and security from theft and damage

Disc locks and Padlocks

Disc locks and padlocks are the most economical and easy-to-operate tools to protect your valuables in the self-storage units, sheds or moving trucks. The cost of the locks is neglectable when compared to the value of the contents and a good sturdy lock is available at a low cost enough to eliminate the need to cut corners and settle for a cheaper lock. You will not settle for anything but the best deadbolt locks for the doors at your home and that should be the same for your valuables in the storage or moving trucks.

In today’s world, the use of the self-storage units or portable storage has become very popular when it comes to moving, or as a short-term solution during the remodeling a home. Protecting your valuable without a strong lock will not have a good ending regardless of if you are planning to move or just place your belongings temporarily in a storage unit.

There are hundreds of locks in different styles and sizes in the market making it time-consuming task for people to pick one to suit their needs the best.  uBoxes has made the search easy by narrowing down the two styles of locks from the vast selection. The padlocks and disc locks offered by uBoxes are perfect for safeguarding your valuables wherever they are stored.

Padlocks For Moving and Storage

uBoxes padlocks are offered in a single or double padlocks pack for Moving or Storage. The lock designs are suitable for these types of industries. The single packs are for 1 ½” wide short-shaft padlocks as well as the long-shaft padlocks with a shaft measuring at 4”. The short-shaft padlocks are also offered in two per pack packaging.

Disc Locks For Storage Conainers and Self-Storage Units

 Disc locks were originally designed specifically to secure the storage containers and self-storage units because of the way they were manufactured.

  • The stainless steel construction can endure the adverse effects of different climates year-round
  • The short shank of the disc locks makes the use of the bolt cutters almost impossible. Snapping the locks with bolt cutters is the most common method for the thieves because of the little time to no time necessary to cut most locks
  • The disc locks are more resistant to break in with hammers or lock-picks.
  • The strength of the stainless steel shank protects them from the cut by hacksaws
  • Thieves are opportunistic and don’t have much time to grind down the disc locks because of the time constraints and the loud noise. Picking the lock or hammering them also needs time and will make much noise in the case of using a hammer to break the disc locks

Finally, all the locks are penetrable either through picking them or cutting and breaking them. Being vigilant and preventive are the keys for a safe move.

  • The idea of locks for storage rooms or moving containers is set around being deterrent by making them more difficult or time-consuming for thieves to break-in
  • Using common-sense such as parking the moving trucks in a well-lit and safe area or using alarms and security cameras will complement the locks you used to secure your belongings.
  • Research the cost of having sufficient insurance to cover the loss of the contents and purchase the insurance if you have expensive items
More Information
UPC 810042152397
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Silver
Material Steel
Features / Information none
Country of Manufacture China
Weight 2.000000
Product Length 2.000000
Product Width 1.500000
Product Height 1.500000
Additional Information: Pair of cheap long shank locks that are reusable for various projects around the home or office
Additional Information: Contractor grade padlock useful on all types of storage units or containers
Additional Information: Padlock prevents unauthorized access to the goods you are securing
Additional Information: Always measure the area the lock shank has to go through to ensure a good fit
Additional Information: Rust resistant and durable in all weather conditions
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