Foam Pouches (25 Pack) 7" x 11-7/8"

  • 7"x11-7/8" Foam Pouches 1/16" Thickness For Wrapping Glass 
  • 25 Pack to protect glasses and fragile items from vibrations while moving
  • Perfect for storing glassware and other fragile objects after special occasions
  • Reusable stack one on top of the other for minimal storage space
  • Use for packing and shipping special glass gifts, frames, or other delicate items

Foam Pouches: Excellent Items for Securing Glasses

Moving your delicate objects such as glasses and dishes needs to be secure. So, you need Foam Pouches for Glasses to prevent damage to these items. Yes, the packing of your things is a hectic job. But, you can make it easy with the foam wrap. Don’t worry if you have delicate pieces of Chinaware. The foam pouch takes care of it,

Customers love the quality of the foam pouches. You can be sure your fragile objects would be secure. You can be glad the foam wrap comes from quality materials. In using it, you can be sure that packing your delicate things would be easy.

The Foam wrap for glasses offers satisfaction for clients who want to secure their delicate objects. Another great thing about is it’s handy and perfect for any glass. Customers have a success to secure their glasses.

The Foam Pouch Advantages

Reliable Protection

The foam pouch is not only soft to the touch. You also have a sure way to protect your delicate items. If you have many glasses to pack, don’t worry. The foam wrap can make reliable protection in all those items.

It also offers an excellent and fast packing option. As you pack, you have a high success rate your items would be safe from damage. You think about the great things it can give you. For sure, you’re going to love it.

Thick Foam

The Foam Pouches for Glasses has a thick polyethylene material. It means the materials you have are safe inside the pouch. The material gives you a chance to pack your items with ease. Buyers who are always on the move can benefit from the effectiveness of the product.

Also, customers would love to buy this due to its affordable price. You would have the protection of your glassware at an affordable price and it can be reused! So, packing your delicate items wouldn’t be a problem anymore. The foam wrap is your best choice to make these items secure.

Rich Applications

The Foam wrap for glasses not only suits glasses. You can also use it to other home or kitchen items. You have the satisfaction of protecting picture frames and mirrors. The packing process wouldn’t be a hassle because you have a sure way to make the items safe.

The foam wrap is also perfect because you can use it at home anytime. If you want added protection, then this item is the right for you. The Foam wrap for glasses is very affordable, and you don’t have trouble using it. Customers love the comfort it gives in protecting your glass items.

So are you ready to start using foam wrap? You can order from uBoxes for the best selection of products. Customers are welcome to choose the foam pouch they like. They can be sure the order would be fast and easy. Customers deserve the best items for their homes. uBoxes gives them the opportunity to feel the comfort to pack items right.

So, go ahead and secure your glass items. Chat with a uBoxes representative to assist you with your product selections.

More Information
UPC 810042150546
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color White
Material Polyethylene
Product Type Moving Supplies
Features / Highlights Protects fragile items, Shock absorbing, Moisture resistant, Pouch style, Non scratch
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 0.320000
Product Length 11.875000
Product Width 7.000000
Product Height 0.000000
Additional Information: Wine glass foam pouches are ideal to pack crystal glasses for moving
Additional Information: Why break your expensive crystal glasses or stemware when you can protect them with foam pouches and glass dividers
Additional Information: Foam pouches are useful in packing delicate figurines, salt and pepper shakers, and other fragile porcelain objects
Additional Information: Use sturdy boxes and fill all the voids so that the fragile items do not bump each other
Additional Information: Use fragile labels or fragile packing tape on the boxes to identify breakable content in boxes
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