Stretch Wrap Large 20" x 1000' 80G

  • Large Cast Stretch Wrap with extended handles for a more convenient application
  • Measured at 20" x 1000'  the stretch can be applied in a faster manner while covering a wider surface area
  • 80 Guage clear cast stretch film enables the viewing of its contents to be trouble-free
  • Ideal for wrapping your furniture, corrugated boxes, and any loose objects in need of safe transport
  • Wrap items securely for moving, storing, and shipping 
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Stretch Wrap Large

Moving or relocating can be a complicated and very time consuming process. Packing, taping, labeling, and transporting you belongings, when you have the correct packing supplies, doesn't have to be terribly difficult. There are certain moving supplies that will make this process much easier and a lot less time consuming. Some of the elements you are going to want to have around are boxes of all sizes and stretch wrap. Some people aren't aware of exactly what stretch wrap is or have never used it, but once people understand what it's for and how it's used, they will realize that it is as essential of a moving supply as boxes.

Stretch wrap comes in the large and the small variety. The large stretch wrap rolls are a wonderful alternative to tape because it secures your boxes more tightly to begin, but once you are ready to unpack, it's much easier to remove. When it comes to moving supplies, the stretch rolls are easy to store and easy to use. Think of the plastic wrap for furniture kind of like an industrial strength plastic wrap that will keep your belongings safe and secure. When you are finished moving, the stretch rolls can be tucked away until you need them again. Packing supplies can sometimes be difficult to keep track of, but large stretch wrapping will be something that you will be able to use again and again. 
Moving can be stressful enough without having to think of all the elements you will need to purchase as packing supplies. Stretch wrapping is a simple addition to your moving supplies that will allow you to pack and unpack with ease. Don't let your move get the best of you. Make sure you have everything you need to make this transition as simple as possible. This supply is a great addition to a potentially stressful process.
More Information
UPC 810042152427
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Clear
Material Linear low-density polyethylene
Product Type Shrink/Stretch Wrap
Features / Highlights Extended handles, protects furniture, secures pallets and boxes, Stretch adheres to itself, Economical for moving, storage, and shipping
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 16.000000
Product Length 1000.000000
Product Width 20.000000
Additional Information: Perfect to wrap around large paintings/pictures for moving or storing
Additional Information: Shipping headboards will not be a worry anymore with this stretch wrap
Additional Information: All of your items will be protected against sharp edges
Additional Information: The slight tackiness of this product allows no movement once the items are wrapped up
Additional Information: The clear material permits you to see what has been wrapped
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