Room Labeling Tape - 4 Bedrooms

    • SmartMove Labeling Tape for Four Rooms
    • Includes 2" x 30 yards/roll with labels
    • (4) Bedroom (1)Living Room (1) Dining Room (2)Kitchen (2)Bathroom (1) Open First (1) Fragile
    • Color coated labeling packing tape has the message printed right on it
    • Make a color coordinated room chart for your new home to place boxes

Four Room Tape Keeps the Chaos of Moving at Bay

Using four room tape for your move is an easy and efficient way to manage the most difficult part of your move: staying organized. When it comes to acquiring moving supplies, most people tend to think in terms of boxes and padding material. Moving tape is often an afterthought. Few people realize that the right packing tape can help you avoid some of the stress and disorganization of moving.

To keep the chaos at bay during unloading and unpacking, you need to be organized while you pack. Every box should be labeled for the room it comes from. Unless rooms are clearly labeled on each box, a large portion of the boxes will end up in the wrong rooms at their destination, forcing you to carry scores of heavy boxes from room to room as you unpack.

If you were to hand label each box, not only would it require extra steps, but it would be easy to forget to label one or more boxes. Using pre-labeled packing tape allows you to seal and label the box in one step. Additionally, labeling on the moving tape is visible from the top, bottom and two sides of the box, allowing you to easily determine the destination for boxes without having to move other boxes out of the way.

This package of moving label tape gives you rolls of moving tape labeled for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Each of the bathroom and bedroom tape rolls is a different color, allowing you to color code multiple rooms of each type. Additionally, for delicate items that need careful handling, there is a roll labeled for fragile belongings. Finally, to identify those few boxes containing items that you need to unpack immediately, like eating utensils, first aid supplies, and other daily necessities, there is a roll with "Open First" labeling.

Do not make your next move more difficult than it needs to be. Simplify and streamline the most time-consuming tasks of your move: packing and unpacking. This four room printed packaging tape gives you the means of making this part of the job much easier.

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UPC 741360977198
For all your storage & moving needs: Bedroom Living Room Kitchen Bathroom
Keeps your moving process simple and organized
No more unidentified boxes, fast & easy and saves time.
Wonderful for kids to label their own boxes when moving
The bright colors will be able to spot so there is no confusion
Package size 4 x 4 x 12