Padlock 1-1/2" Long Shank

  • Longer Shank Padlock For Storage Lockers and Storage Containers
  • Length of lock left to right: 1 1/2” with a Width front to back: 3/4”, and a Total height of 4”
  • Clearance height: 2 3/16” and Barb thickness: 1/4”
  • The locks are durable and great for locking things in storage, offices, dorm rooms, and other places where personal items are held
  • These padlocks aid in preventing use, theft, vandalism, or harm to goods

Secure Moving and Storage Locks

Security of the belongings during moving or storage is of utmost importance for everyone and a certain level of security could be reached by simply choosing the correct locks. To pick the best lock is dependent on what is the lock being used for. The disc locks work very well for locking the storage rooms, moving trucks and PUD style storage units. Most people in the self-storage business recommend disc locks over padlocks. That does not necessarily eliminate the importance of the padlocks in securing the content of moving trucks, storage units or sheds. All thieves are opportunistic looking for a quick break in and having a lock on the doors is a preventive tool to discourage break-ins.

The main reason is the style of the shackle in the disc locks. The protective shackle eliminates the use of the ordinary bolt-cutters to break these disc locks.  It is important to realize the fact that all ordinary padlocks and disc locks are designed to act as deterrents. While most locks are vulnerable to be picked by professional thieves not having them is an open invitation to everyone to help themselves with your valuables. Also, even the professional pickers would move to the inferior quality locks when they see the more difficult to lock to pick.

What Kind of Lock Can I Use For Storage Containers or Lockers?

To choose the best lock for your storage container, rental truck, or locker measure the lock height and width required. See what the lock must loop through to choose the best style lock for the items or container you want to secure. uBoxes offers a variety of lock options including disc locks, long shank locks, and padlocks. Some storage containers stack on top of each other and it is important the lock be narrow like the disc lock. Other containers such as rental trucks may require the shank part of the lock to be longer. By measuring or inquiring ahead of time you will be able to choose the right type of lock for your move.

uBoxes offers both high-quality padlocks and disc locks, the padlocks could be purchased in packages of one or two per package.

 Round Disclocks:

  • Heavy Duty Disc Locks Ideal for Shipping Containers and Storage Units
  • High-Security Stainless Steel Laser-Welded Construction
  • 7 Millimeter Round Disc Locks for Moving and Storage
  • Hidden Shackle Makes It Difficult for Bolt Cutters
  • 5 Pin Mushroom Tumblers, Difficult to Pick the Lock
  • Harden Steel

The round disc locks are designed to be more pick-resistance than the simple spool style locks.

  • Secure Your Move with Quality Padlocks
  • Short Shank Padlocks, Make Your Move a Secure Move
  • 1 ½” Chrome Plated Heavy Laminated
  • Double Locking Heel and Toe
  • Hardened Chromed- Steel Shackle
  • 5 Pin 40 Millimeter Solid Brass Cylinder
More Information
UPC 810042152403
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Silver
Material Steel
Product Type Moving Supplies
Features / Highlights none
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 1.000000
Product Length 2.000000
Product Width 1.500000
Product Height 1.500000
Additional Information: Many moving containers use long shank padlocks to secure their containers
Additional Information: Container Moving Companies and Truck Rentals generally advise clients to buy a secure lock
Additional Information: Padlocks may be used many times to secure different types of facilities or goods
Additional Information: Always measure your item you want to secure with a long shank style lock to ensure the proper dimensions
Additional Information: Each lock is specific to a type of enclosure to secure and must be measured carefully
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