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Performance Blankets 55lbs/doz (6 Pack)

  • Standard Furniture Moving Pad 72" x 80" Professional Movers Quality
  • The fabric is quilted to provide a layer of protection
  • Non-Woven Polyester material with resilient batting made with fiber
  • The binding has been double stitched with zigzag on a quilted blanket
  • Color may vary upon availability at the time of manufacture

6 Performance Moving Blankets 54# per Dozen Professional Quality

When you have a large move, you cannot trust just anyone or anything to protect your most expensive, most nostalgic items in your home.

Whether your own a moving company or you are undertaking a big move all on your own, you need the right type of moving blankets. Rest at night knowing that you can protect your most precious belongings with heavy-duty, performance moving blankets. These textile blankets -- made of a professional quality, soft fabric -- come in a set of six blankets. Buy purchasing a set of these moving blankets, you will save money while still retaining quality.

Why spend your hard-earned money on cheap moving blankets? Why purchase low-quality fabric blankets that are not necessarily made for protecting furniture. If you are going to move furniture on your own, then you need the right resources.

Purchase these professional moving pads, and feel good knowing that your most valuable property is being protected by dangerous scratches, dings, dents, and other damages. Once the damage is done, it is hard to repair your furniture. By using these moving blankets, your furniture will be protected not only in the loading up of the furniture but in the transport of the furniture from the moving truck to your doorstep.

You can use these performance moving blankets in a variety of ways. Draping is a common use. Simply unfold the blanket, spread it over the couch or buffet and slide it into the moving truck. The weighted fabric means that you will not need to secure the blanket to the furniture. You also can wrap smaller pieces of furniture or art with this moving supply. Fold the piece into the blanket or roll the blanket around the piece. Buy doing this, you create an extra cushion for delicate pieces of furniture or art.

More Information
SKU A0045EP06
UPC 741360977068
Weight 28.0000
Brand uBoxes
Moving blankets come in an array of quality and fabric choices
When choosing a moving blanket determine the use and longevity you intend to use the product
Woven fabrics is higher quality fabric and tend to be for longer term use over non-woven fabric blankets
Binding on the edges of the furniture pads keep them from fraying at the edges
Higher quality materials used in making blankets tends to increase the weight
Color Black
Material Polyester and Mixed Materials
Size Standard Moving Blanket
Country of Manufacture China
Package size 20 x 15.5 x 20