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Need moving tips? First-time mover and need advice on packaging supplies? Read thorough Uboxes blog posts to find the exact advice you are looking for. Better yet call one of our professional packaging specialists to discuss your upcoming move and how Uboxes can actually save you money! Buying the right kind of tools to move can save you time and money. Rather than driving all around looking for a bargain, a Uboxes specialist can direct you to the exact package you need along with free shipping delivered to your door already saves you gas and time. Keeping your items damage free saves on replacement costs! Plus discover packing tips with tools you already have in your home.

  1. Helpful Tips Moving Into Your New College Dorm Room

    College dorm life can sometimes become a real challenge when it comes to packing your belongings and taking them to your next educational adventure. You might think that this can be a really stressful process at the beginning. Making your big move into a dorm room doesn't have to be a dreadful experience. Here at uBoxes, we not only help make your transition more exciting and less stressful, but we also provide a few tips on how you can have a happy move. Learn more about our dorm college packing tips so you can be prepared for your college move-in day.
  2. Tips For Moving Out Of A Rental!

    Tips For Moving Out Of A Rental!
    The time to move out of your rental has come and whether you're moving into a new home or another rental property, this can be an exciting yet stressful time. Here at uBoxes, we not only believe in providing some of the best quality moving products but helpful tips that can aid YOU in successfully moving in or out of your home. Rental properties are no different, it's still a lot of work you must do and think about doing before you can just leave and we've made it our mission to help you!
  3. When Is The Best Time To Move?

    When Is The Best Time To Move?
    Moving season is coming to an end which means less business for moving labor companies, but oftentimes individuals wonder whether the best time to move is during the peak season or after. Here at uBoxes, we encourage people to move throughout the year especially outside of the busy season if they're interested in saving money and finding the best deals on homes and services.
  4. Top 7 Packing Tips For a Local Move 

    Top 7 Packing Tips For a Local Move 
    Discount Movers 7 Packing Tips There are certain things you can do when moving to make your moving day a less stressful day. In particular, the packing preparation is vital to a more straightforward moving day. As one of the oldest San Diego moving companies, we hope that these seven packing tips are helpful based on 20 years of experience. #1...
  5. Movers near Me

    Movers near Me
    Making a change to the life and the daily routine you have established for some years now will surely involve a tiresome and tedious process of packing. Moving to a new location, for instance, may appear to be a simple case of packing up your valuable belongings and driving off to your new home or office. People who have experienced...
  6. Top Tips for a Low-Budget but Efficient Move

    Top Tips for a Low-Budget but Efficient Move
    When you need to move, it is essential that you do your best to save as much money as you can. Well, if you follow the tips below, you just might be able to achieve that goal: Do you really need to buy boxes? Without a doubt, boxes form the cradle on which the whole moving act is built. This...
  7. 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid when Using Moving Boxes

    5 Mistakes You Must Avoid when Using Moving Boxes
    Moving boxes tend to be very finicky, and the quality of the service you’ll get from one depends on how well you make use of it. To wit, take a look at five mistakes that you must steer clear of when making use of moving boxes: Stuffing the moving box: One of the most commonly heard complaints that people lodge...
  8. How Can You Choose the Best Moving Kit?

    How Can You Choose the Best Moving Kit?
    Moving is a complex process that has been made easier by the introduction of certain tools. However, there are certain moving tools that might not necessarily work for you. The best way to get an effective moving can be found below: The first thing is to know what you need: When you’re considering the best-fit moving box kits for you...
  9. How Can A Moving Kit Make Your Moving Seamless?

    How Can A Moving Kit Make Your Moving Seamless?
    Moving box kits are highly essential when it’s time to move. These kits are important supplies including moving house boxes, packing tape, packing paper, a marker, bubble wrap and blanket bag. Moving kits are always available in a variety of sizes and shapes, but the best ones in the market are quality moving kits that have an assortment of excellent...

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