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Super Supreme Blankets 95lbs/doz (4 Pack)

  • Super Durable Moving Blankets 95lbs/doz (4 Pack) color may vary upon availability at the time of manufacture
  • Best quality cotton/polyester blend material while using a recycled cotton fiber padding on the inside
  • Condominiums  and Office Buildings keep on hand for renters moving in and out of the building for protection of hallways, stairways, and elevators
  • Each blanket measures 72" x 80" and weighing 8 pounds
  • Machine wash and hang to dry
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Best Moving Blankets for Furniture and Sound-Proofing

Moving soon? You need the right moving blankets to make the big Moving-Day go smoothly without damages. No matter what type of move you are planning whether, across town, state to state or international moving blankets is a must-have tool. To move the most valuable possessions, you really need to purchase a set of 12 supreme professional quality soundproof moving blankets to protect them against any dings which may occur during transit.

Moving Blankets Are Manufactured using A Woven fabric

The material is generally a cotton polyester blend or pure cotton that can handle tougher handling considering the job it must perform. Moving blankets are perhaps, preferred to be thick, because they are designed to protect furniture from possible dents and scratch while moving them from your house, office, to a new location. Rubbing in the moving truck during transit could cause serious damage to your valuables, therefore must be made of stronger materials. These performance moving blankets and soundproofing blankets are high-quality, quilted blankets that come complete with durable zigzag stitching. You can use them across all types of furniture and surfaces ranging from fabric headboards to shiny, polished tabletops. These moving blankets are soft and strong, making them durable for wrapping up all kinds of furniture. They will not scratch the surfaces of your most delicate and fragile furniture. More so, they will protect your valuable items from the inevitable moving problems such as deep scratches and dings.

As the time of moving draws closer, many things run through your head, but You have no worries knowing that your furniture is wrapped in supreme professional quality moving blankets, it will protect your items from hitting the sides of the moving truck or when you’re conveying them downstairs, into a moving truck to your new home or office.

You need the right moving supplies to help ensure your valuables are protected during your move. Don't waste your hard-earned money on cheap moving blankets. Instead, purchase these high-performance-durable moving blankets, and have a ready supply of quality soft but thick blankets that will protect your investment and can be reused move after move.

When you purchase these supreme professional quality moving blankets you will get four blankets in your pack. When it comes to providing superior protection for your furniture and other valuables, moving blankets are the people’s choice. They come in a variety of style from economy blankets to deluxe high-quality soundproof blankets depending on your needs and budget. No matter which moving blanket you choose, they all protect your items from scratches, clouds of dust, and dirt when moving.

Purchase your moving blankets today. You can use them in so many ways! These sturdy, heavy-duty, soft but thick blankets cushion and protect your furniture without you needing to purchase extra materials such as tape or cords to keep them positioned on the furniture. Load your furniture into the moving truck with these moving blankets and nestle the furniture side by side. Uboxes, a product of durability!  

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SKU A0095SU04
UPC 028672859894
Weight 31.6700
Brand uBoxes
Moving furniture pads are always a good tool to keep on hand
Heavy duty superior moving blankets used by professional movers
Keep handy to move furniture around the home or office
Easy to store with little space required in the garage, car trunk, or closet
These blankets for moving are durable and made to last for repeat use
Color Black
Size Standard Moving Blanket
Country of Manufacture China
Package size 20 x 20 x 15